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My Bittersweet Feeling About the “Off the Shoulder” Craze, Social Media & Personal Style  

Social media has made sharing ideas and creativity easier than ever, with innovative fashion bloggers taking the lead on communicating the art of their personal styles through beautifully formatted images, either tagged with the brand names or links to buy directly.   As consumers increasingly look to these Instagram stars to shop for "looks" rather than specific articles, the question is whether this phenomenon is inspiring people to try and create their own personal style, or is it just further feeding "fast fashion" by facilitating on line purchasing and rapid trend proliferation?

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The Fashion Revolution Movement Has Officially Hit Miami

The key message during the Fashion Revolution week (April 24-29) is that by simply asking the question- “who made my clothes?” to the brands we buy, we can make a difference to incite reform. Besides the informative panel on sustainable fashion, the clothing swap was fun, and it was exciting to have access to designers and their work at the pre-launch stage (more to come in a future post).  In sum, I feel lucky to have been introduced to a movement where individuals can have an impact just by changing a thought pattern-  think before buying, and ask questions…  

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