My philosophy towards beauty rituals is that they should be simple & easy, and above all provide a sensation of Well-Being.  My favorite products are scented botanically, have key active ingredients derived from nature, and are void of toxic chemicals.

My posts are mostly about hair and body care. Why? Because of the diversity of scents and textures that is so relevant when you are applying an exfoliate all over your body, or spraying a leave in conditioner on a wall of hair (in my case).   I also find that it is not as easy to understand what the best choices are on the market for hair and body care. In the case of haircare especially, brand distribution is highly fragmented- making it difficult to know where to find the best brands, and it is often times difficult or not possible to try before you buy.   My professional background of 13 years in the Beauty Industry facilitates the task of sorting through the clutter to bring top quality products to my readers.  

Most importantly, I believe that beauty rituals should be a moment of delight and nourishment for the soul. But for that, one needs the right products...