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The 3 Best Botanical Toners from Brands You Haven't Heard of Yet

I love the discovery of  under-the-radar, independent, indie brands whose products fulfill a seemingly intangible promise:  All-natural, truly effective product that genuinely reflects the purpose driven values of the founders.  Little Barn Apothecary, Oxalis Apothecary, and Poppy Austin are the brand that rose to the top of my list for the toners I was looking for, along with the appeal of the rest of the assortment. These niche brands tell a story and create a sense of community through their philosophy, unique voices, and ingredients. 

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Top 2017 Rosewater Shampoo Launches

Rosewater is being spritzed all over the increasingly mainstream natural beauty world.  

The growing appeal of the simplicity of nature’s secrets is an obvious factor to this growth, but could the mystique of ancient worlds past also be part of the trend?  Whatever the reason, when it comes to finding hair products based on this miracle tonic, products are limited and elusive.

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