A wise woman once said: "Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it" 

This idea is not about "who wore it best", but about the ability to use creative spirit to combine elements to create a look.  A look can outwardly reflect how we feel, or what we wish to convey, and is of course variable according to a context.

For many people (myself included) style is a major component of self expression, and the desire to vary it can be just as high as the diversity of our thoughts, emotions and interests.  In this context, its hard to not want to capitalize on the affordable choice brought to us by the age of fast fashion.

But what if we were to buy just a little less, choose a little more carefully, keep each item a little longer, and lean more towards creating original personal style?

This is my mindset these days, as I spend a little more on an item that can be worn more than three times. In other words quality versus quantity, and a timeless touch.  I am having more fun being creative with new combinations of what I already have, with new rules about mixing colors, prints, materials, and eras.  The new set of rules is that there are no rules, just guidelines you set for yourself according to what you consider good taste.  And above all, I like to use bold accessories to anchor a look (also known as the use of "statement pieces" by the fashionistas :-))

My personal style most often reflects an eclectic spirit of taking elements from anywhere, from any era, combined with little (or big) elements of contrast.