I have loved writing since I was a small child, and went on to develop my skills through an education oriented around Liberal Arts. Nevertheless, my career took me in a different direction, where I found myself drafting commercial agreements with international corporations.  Upon leaving my last corporate role, I decided to go back to a craft with more personal freedom, and the joy of inspiring.             

My writing experience to date revolves much around Beauty, Retail, and Wellness Trends, and the scope of my career covers a very complete aspect of the Luxury Industry- including Watches, Jewelry, and Leather goods.

 a wide range of writing styles and purposes

Editorials and Press-Releases

Technical Writing/Copy

Industry Trends

Product Reviews

Event Coverage


PR pieces for events and small businesses Constructed around a contemporary, engaging theme to maximize reach. 


industry trends


brand promotion FRAMED within an industry trend

Educational background:

MS in Strategic Communications from FIU; BA in international studies from Seattle University; Certificate in Political Studies from l’Institut d'Etudes Politiques Toulouse, France.

Tri-lingual in Spanish, English, and French, I have worked and lived abroad in France and Peru.